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Garrick Burdette aka Gar

May 21 1991 - March 14 2017

You my boy bleu!

Love and miss you Spicy G

In loving memory

Step into another reality!

The Gaming and Alternate Realities program, or G.A.R for short is designed to take the patient out of the room, and into a world of imagination and play. Using the latest in virtual realty, and other immersive platforms, Wings of Joanne hopes to re-instill a sense of play and normalcy into a sick child's life.

Being sick and in the hospital can be a very scary reality.

We want to provide a break from that reality, if only for a time.

By pairing

a child's imagination


the latest technology

we can create something


Step Inside

Three ways that we can bring the fun!

have an idea for an event or party?

Drop us a line!

we would love to talk about it

Guy in vr world.jpg

Let us "take you out of the room"

Stuck in Isolation due to a compromised immune system, bed ridden? Yea, we know what thats like... You are our first priority!

Let us help you "break out"

space invader alien.gif
kids playing video games.jpg

Game room upgrade

Is your community game room in need of an upgrade? Its time to step into the future!

space invader alien.gif

Pizza game night!

We bring the show to you! VR station, Beat Saber, Mario Kart, Smash bros, you name it! compete against you friends and family!

space invader alien.gif
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